An easy financial dashboard for your business

  • Create smart budgets & sales goals
  • Track your progress with an easy to use dashboard
  • Stop running Excel reports
  • Know your business health anytime, anywhere

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Get the insights you need to grow your business

Don't let your key business numbers stay buried in your accounting system. LivePlan gives you easy-to-understand insights for your key business numbers so you know what you need to do to grow your business. Do you need to charge more? Should you collect money faster? How are your profits?

LivePlan helps you uncover key issues that are impacting your cash flow so that you can ensure that you have the cash-on-hand that you need to run and grow your business. Sign up now »

Know how you stack up
against the competition

With LivePlan, you can see at-a-glance how you compare to companies just like yours. Tell us your industry and location, and we'll tell you if you're doing better or worse than your competition and how you can improve. These kinds of insights are critical to growing your business. Sign up now »

Discover your trends

LivePlan's simple, yet powerful Dashboard gives you the information you need to know how your business is doing compared to your goals, and compared to your past performance. Instantly, you can see how much you've grown over the previous month and the previous year.

Intuitive charts and graphs show you the business trends you need to know so that you can make the right decisions and keep growing your business. Sign up now »

Access key data anywhere

You don't have to run reports from your accounting system to know how your business is doing with LivePlan. Just connect your Xero account to LivePlan and you'll get instant updates on your key business numbers—anytime, anywhere.

If you don't use QuickBooks or Xero, LivePlan can still help you with an easy-to-update dashboard that presents the numbers you need to know in a beautiful and simple dashboard. Sign up now »

Set a goal and go
LivePlan helps you create the smart budgets and forecasts you need for your business—No MBA or other financial knowledge required. You've got help and guidance at every step to make setting goals easy. Sign up now »
The LivePlan Dashboard tracks:
Who owes you money (accounts receivable)
Who you owe (accounts payable)
Your cash in the bank
Profits, and much more
Revenue Forecast
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  • Revenue Forecast
  • Revenue by Month
  • About the Revenue Forecast
Personnel Plan
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In this section:
  • Personnel Table
  • About the Personnel Plan
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  • Budget Table
  • Expenses by Month
  • About the Budget
  • Startup Costs
Share with your team, business partners, and investors
Share your LivePlan Dashboard for free with as many business partners as you would like. Just give your partners access to LivePlan and they can get all the information they need.
Never run a report again
LivePlan automatically creates all the end-of-month reports you need automatically, so you never have to worry about running reports again.
Ironclad security
We use the same security and safety measures as the world's top financial institutions and undergo regular security audits to ensure that our service is as safe as it can possibly be, at all times.
Built by Entrepreneurs, for Entrepreneurs
We know how frustrating and time consuming it can be to track your business numbers, so we built a solution that we wanted to use ourselves.

Paul Jarrett

CEO, Bulu Box

“The Dashboard has been crucial for helping me and our investors quickly understand the state of our company and having the ability to drill down into the details when needed”

Ryan Clower CPA

Owner, M. White &
Associate, LLP

“The Dashboard feature shows us and our clients where their financials are in real-time without having to send complicated reports. Our clients just want a easy-to-read dashboard solution, and LivePlan provides that for them.”

Jennifer Katrulya, CPA

Owner, BMRG Group
Advisory Program

“The LivePlan Dashboard gives me the ongoing reality check that tells me where my clients are really excelling and also where we need to step up and make improvements.”
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How can I pay for LivePlan?
Currently we accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.
How do I add users?
Once you're set up, just go to your Account tab and you'll see all your options. It's easy to add users or readers - input their email address and send the invitation. See pricing for additional users. Need more than 5 users or 4 active companies? Contact us for volume pricing »
Do I have to sign a long-term contract?
Nope. You pay monthly or annually (your choice), with no commitment or contract to sign. You can cancel any time, though we can't prorate payment if you close your account mid-cycle. You can find all the fine print here.
Will LivePlan work in my browser?
Probably. LivePlan supports the following browsers:
Internet Explorer 8.0+ (Windows only)
Firefox, two latest releases only (Windows and Mac)
Safari, two latest releases only (Mac only). For best results, use LivePlan on your desktop or laptop.
Google Chrome, current version only (Windows and Mac)
Tell me more about the money-back guarantee.
We think you're going to love LivePlan. But on the off chance you don't, you have 60 days to cancel and request a refund. Just give us a call or send us an email and we'll take care of it.
What happens to my plan if I cancel my account?
Don't worry, you can take your plan with you when you go. If you decide to end your LivePlan subscription, just export your plan to Microsoft Word before you sign out for the last time. We'll miss you, but we understand.
What's your privacy policy?
We understand how important your personal information is to you. We are committed to keeping it strictly confidential. Your privacy is not for sale -- we will never sell, rent, or otherwise abuse the private information you have trusted us with. Read our full privacy policy »
How safe is my data?
Our software infrastructure is updated regularly with the latest security patches. Our products run on a dedicated network that is locked down with firewalls and carefully monitored. We run third-party security scans every day to make sure our infrastructure is highly secure and completely up-to-date. Read our full security policy »
What if I need help?
Help from a real live person is just a phone call, online chat, or email away. If you've got questions, we've got answers. Our customer support team works out of the same office as our developers, managers, and even the CEO, and we take customer service very seriously. We want to hear your feedback and suggestions, as well as answer any question you may have. So feel free to contact us at 1-888-498-6136 or send an email to